Women in Somali Music

The importance of equality is something that we are all aware of and there is no exception when it comes to Women in Somali Music. Democracy does not guarantee equality of conditions – it only guarantees equality of opportunity. Irving Kristol There have been many comments across the Somali Music website, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter […]

Only Registered Members Can Download!

To regulate the large amount of traffic and the impact it has on our bandwidth we will only enable download for registered members. If you wish to download songs that are not covered by copyright you will now have to register to download. Its takes less than 60 seconds to register and please don’t forget […]

More people means a bigger Server!

We have been busy the past two/three weeks moving the Somali Music site to a new bigger server to better handle the amount of people using the site! Just to give you an idea on how the number of people using Somali Music has changed over time, please look at this graph below by compete.com. […]

Somali Music Song Requests

The Song Request feature has proven to be very popular to the point where we are getting flooded with requests every day! This is a good thing, although it means it makes us very busy! However, in this way the community is helping us make a single complete source for Somali Music since missing songs […]