Facebook ma faa’iidaa, mise waa faduul?

Facebook waxaa isticmaala shan boqol oo milyan (500, 000, 000) oo ruux, oo ka mid ah dadka aduunka ku nool. Sanadkan waxaa la sheegay in uu facebook qiimihiisu uu yahay kontan bilyan oo dollar-ka Maraykanka ($50 billion USD). Heerkan wuxu ku gaadhay todobo sano oo kaliya. Waxaana sandkii hore laga sameeyay filim la yidhaahdo “The […]

Top 10 Somali Wedding Songs

A wedding is a special time for two people to confirm their love and to trust each other. Everybody wants their wedding to be perfect and having the perfect music is very important, especially for the guests to enjoy! Here is our top 10 wedding songs. We have also allowed you to download these 10 […]

Nimco Dareen – Waraysi Radio and TV Samadoon

Please note, we are unsure of this shows legitimacy. It seems to contain clips from previous interviews as well as a claimed phone call with Nimco Dareen. It is unclear if its genuine, it would be great if the producers of this show can confirm or anyone else that might know.

Top 10 Somali Music Videos

There have been many Somali music videos produced and we have compiled the top 10. This was a very difficult task as we had to leave out quite a few that we really liked! Amongst many others criteria, we used the camera quality, the choreography, and the thought that went into the video to judge the […]