Top 10 Somali Music Videos

There have been many Somali music videos produced and we have compiled the top 10. This was a very difficult task as we had to leave out quite a few that we really liked! Amongst many others criteria, we used the camera quality, the choreography, and the thought that went into the video to judge the music videos. Let us know, if we missed out on great music videos!

1) Deeqa by Aar Maanta

Artist: Aar Maanta
Song: Deeqa
Studio: Riyo Films
Directed by: Riyo Films

Comment: This was such a compelling music video that we just had to make it number 1. In fact, there is a small film in this music video with real meaning. You can see there was use of a professional technical team. A well deserved position as our chosen top music video.

2)  Samir by Gulled Ahmed and Fartun Cumar

Artist: Gulled Ahmed and Fartun Cumar
Song: Samir
Studio: Mali Entertainment
Directed by: Heykal

Comment: A well thought out video that gets its message across. We especially liked Fartuun Cumar’s earrings and dress to show the Somali flag. We are not sure if this was intentional or not!

3) Hubaal by Farxiya Kabayare

Artist: Farxiya Kabayare
Song: Hubaal
Studio: Mali Entertainment
Directed by: Heykal

Comment: A fantastic video, beautiful scenery and I think a Rolls Royce in the video? And you can’t beat Farxiya Kabayare’s winning smile that dazzles any place she seems to be.

4)  Dhadhami by Aar Maanta

Artist: Aar Maanta
Song: Dhadhami
Studio: Maanta Music
Directed by: Maanta Music

Comment: Aar Maanta does it again with another great music video. We like his style, modern music and modern videos yet still in touch with his roots and culture.

5) Gaarsiiya by Ikraan Caraale

Artist: Ikraan Caraale
Song: Gaarsiiya
Studio: unknown
Directed by: Abdinasir Cirro

Comment: Wow, Ikraan Caraale looks great in sunglasses! The scenery was amazing, good camera angles and  a great song.

6)  Qamar by Ahmed Nani

Artist: Ahmed Nani
Song: Qamar
Producer: Fadumo Ali
Directed by: M J Sirat
Editor: Abdinasir Cirro

Comment: A newcomer to the Somali music scene and he blew us away with this video. Great voice, great video and some pretty cool dancing.

7) Adoo Kale by Fuad Cumar

Artist: Fuad Cumar
Song: Adoo Kale
Studio: Eagle Media Pro
Directed by: Ibrahim Eagle

Comment: With a stunning high quality camera making Fuad Cumars voice stand out even more so than usual, this had to be in our top 10 list.

8) Suuban by Mohamed Afary and Fartuun Cumar

Artist: Mohamed Afary and Fartuun Cumar
Song: Suuban
Cam/Edit: Barkhad Abdi
Directed by: Barkhad Abdi

Comment: Fartuun Cumar seems to be in a lot of the top music videos and for good reason. A great voice and she can dance! Great camera sills too and an after video production.

9) Haraad by Hussein Shire and Shamsa Mohamed Foot

Artist: Hussein Shire and Shamsa Mohamed Foot
Song: Haraad
Studio: eyeforaphoto
Directed by: eyeforaphoto

Comment: Another fantastic use by high quality camera. I love how this video portrays tradition and also a great collaboration by two talented singers.

10) Leyla by Abdikhaliq Mohamed Sirat

Artist: Abdikhaliq Mohamed Sirat
Song: Leyla
Studio: Abdinasir Cirro
Directed by: Abdinasir Cirro

Comment: A good video and a great voice by A M Sirat.

We are sure we will be seeing more and more music videos that keep setting the bar for Somali music in general. We believe this is the next arena where Somali artists need to portray their talents and to show that they can produce sophisticated music videos that show their teams technical ability and their own ability to get their music’s message across. However, we don’t want to get to a stage where the level of sophistication of the music videos is the only thing that matters, the voice/lyrics of the singer should always be considered.

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