Top 10 Somali Wedding Songs

A wedding is a special time for two people to confirm their love and to trust each other. Everybody wants their wedding to be perfect and having the perfect music is very important, especially for the guests to enjoy! Here is our top 10 wedding songs. We have also allowed you to download these 10 songs. Enjoy!

  • Aroos Wacan by Mustafa TT
  • Aroos by Abdi Holland FT Farhia Fiska
  • Dawadii Nafteyda Abdijabaar AJ
  • Arooskeena by Fuad Omar
  • Sidaad ii Ogeyd by Deeqa Ahmed
  • Raabi iyo Saado by Nimco Dareen and Qoomaal
  • Arooska Wanaagsan by Deeqa Ahmed
  • Aroos Farxad leh Saxibayaal by Omar Shooli
  • Aroos by Abdi Baadil
  • Dhamac Jaceyl (Dhag Dhag) by Farxiya Fiska

We added Dhamac Jaceyl (Dhag Dhag) by Farxiya Fiska even though its not really a wedding song, but its so good, it deserves a spot in this list!
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